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Buy Black Cardamom Elaichi Prices

Buy Black Cardamom Elaichi Prices

50 grm - Rs. 129
100 grm - Rs. 249
250 grm - Rs. 629
500 grm - Rs. 1249
1 kg - Rs. 2469
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Buy Black Cardamom Elaichi Prices:

Buy Black Cardamom and its value added products online. The encourages and supply best quality Elaichi Cardamom at lowest prices all over India in the online mode.
It is added in dishes to provide a strong aroma and flavour but in Ayurveda, it is considered to be a very useful and effective medicine. The spice can be crushed and used in foods to enhance the flavour of the dishes.  it has a strong aroma, that is used in dishes as an Indian spice.  It also keeps the acids in the stomach under proper control. It also improves your appetite and helps in maintaining good heart health as well. It also keeps issues of gas and bloating at bay.Black Cardamom is also known as

‘Kali Elaichi’ in Hindi, ‘Nalla Elakulu’ in Telugu, ‘Karupu Elakkai’ in Tamil, ‘Karutta Elakka’ in Malayalam, ‘Kari Elakki’ in Kannada, ‘Badi ilaychi’ in Gujarati, ‘Masalyaci Velci’ in Marathi, and ‘Baro Elaca’ in Bengali. The  salt, kala, namak, kala, namakOnline in india
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