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Buy Black Stone Flower  | Kalpasi | Dagad Phool Online

Buy Black Stone Flower | Kalpasi | Dagad Phool Online

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Buy Black Stone Flower Online spices  Herbs Market. Kalpasi online In India. Dagad phool online shopping best quality all shipping in India.The Black Stone Flower with the botanical name Parmotrema Perlatum belongs to the genus Foliose lichen. Lichen is a classified species between fungi and photosynthetic partners, and very rarely they include algaes.
They thrive as invasive plants throughout the southern and northern hemispheres of the earth with moderate temperatures. The black stone flower with the Sanskrit word “Shaileyam” is used as a spice in various parts of the world, including India.
These fungi are known by many names like Dagad Phool, Patthar ke Phool, Kallu Hoovu, Raathi Pootha. The soft brown and black lichen, widely known in Tamil as Kalpaasi (கல்பாசி), can only grow in a certain altitude above sea level or have the characteristics of expecting very low temperatures.Black Stone Flower belongs to the Himalayas and has its origins from the region Himachal Pradesh to Arunachal Pradesh.For proper and fertile Kalpasi growth these should be grown above a certain height above sea level.These fungal plants resemble light green algae, dried flowers, and dried mushrooms in appearance.They can grow naturally on rocks and trees without any maintenance and are recognized by the research team as fully fit to eat.It does not have any aroma when cultivated but it gives a unique and mysterious taste and aroma to the type of food added.When combined with other spices it gives the signature black color and flavor.Black Stone Flower not only adds flavor and aroma to food but also has various subtle medicinal values.Although only rare studies have been performed on Kalpasi, they have demonstrated various therapeutic properties.Ayurveda and Siddha medicine has been recommending the Parmotrema Perlatum plant for centuries to treat specific.

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English : Black Stone FlowerTamil : KalpasiMalayalam : Celeyam, kalppuvuTelugu : Kallupachi, RathipachiKannada : kalluhuvu, kallu hooHindi : Phathar ke phool, Dagad Phool
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