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Buy Dried Roses Petals Powder Online

Buy Dried Roses Petals Powder Online

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Buy Dried Roses Petals Powder Online:

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    Antioxidant property, The antioxidant property in the rose powder discard any skin irritation and soothes your skin.
    Discard dark circles
    Natural exfoliator
    Acts as a natural cleanser
    Evens skin tone
    Natural coolant
    Prevents ageing and wrinkles.
   roja Poo powder is a natural facial skin cleanser
    It helps in taking away dark spots and blemish
    Rose petal powder is a proven body cooler
    Assists in the circulation of blood
    Helps you get fresher and younger looking skin
    Very useful to take sunburns away
    Rose petal powder can be used over a wound as it has antibacterial properties
    When used on hair it strengthens hair follicles and helps in hair growth.

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