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Buy Snake Weed Seed | Amma Pacharisi Online

Buy Snake Weed Seed | Amma Pacharisi Online

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Buy Snake Weed Seed | Amma Pacharisi Online:

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Botanical Name           :    Euphorbia Thymifolia.

Tamil Name                     :    amampatchaiarisi /அம்மான் பச்சரிசி / Amman Pacharisi.
Hindi                          : baridhudi, dudh ghas, dudh
Malayalam Name     :    നിലം പാല / Nela Paalai.
Telugu Name                  :    రెడ్డినే నరాలు / Reddine Narolu.
 Bengali                       : boro-keruie, barokhervi.

Health Benefits :

High blood pressure. It also lowers blood pressure by drinking the decoction of fresh leaves. Euphorbia possesses antibacterial and antiviral properties that make it effective for the treatment of urinary tract infections and veneral diseases.
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