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Buy Sweet Flag Powder | Vasambu Online

Buy Sweet Flag Powder | Vasambu Online

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Buy Sweet Flag Powder | Vasambu Online:

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Safed bach is a herb which has been in use since ancient times due to its medicinal value. The rhizome of vacha is very is very pungent and bitter in taste. It helps to promote memory, longevity and good voice.

Botanical name : 

Hindi  - Ghorbach, Safed bach  Tamil  - Vasambu  Telugu  - Vadaja   Kannada - Baje Gida, Athibaje Marathi - Vekhand   Malayalam  - Vayambu,Vayampu   Sanskrit - Vacha, Vach, Bhutanashini
 Common English Names  - Sweet Flag  Botanical Name  -  Acorus Calamus.

benefits of Vacha:

Baje Gida Powder has quite a few health benefits. The powder of sweet flag given with lukewarm salt‑water, induces vomiting and relieves phlegm, while easing coughs and asthma.Skin care: Take the equal amount of powder of acorus calamus, symplocos racemosa and rice powders. Now pounded it with cow’s milk and apply on the pimples and acne
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