Atti Pazham in Idappadi

Atti Pazham in Idappadi from Herbs Market. High Quality, low prices every day from one of India’s largest nuts whole sale premium Dried Fruit and Nuts Anjeer shipped Idappadi wide. Figs first came to California in 1769, when Father Junipero Serra first planted them in Mission San Diego. They became a commercial crop in 1900, and California is still the only state to grow them commercially. But most of the fruit is dried.


Natural figs are dried in the sun or by machine, threaded on cords or into rings. The glucose which crystallizes out and creates a dull surface with its granules preserves the figs naturally as dried fruit. Processed figs undergo several operations. drying, immersion in salt water or steam treatment, pressing and then drying again. Pressing into particular shapes (slabs, rolls) and processing give the figs an attractive, shiny appearance. Figs processed in this way are commercially the most desirable.

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