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  • Black pepper is said to be originated from South India.
  • Black pepper is one of the Indian spices with many health benefits.
  • Black pepper is also considered goof for metabolism.
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Black Pepper | Kurumilagu

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  • Prevents Any Sort of Cancer.
  • Good for Digestion.
  • Prevents Constipation.
  • Treats Skin Problems.
  • Good for Your Hair.
  • Aids in Weight Loss.
  • Treats Depression.
  • Helps in Treating Respiratory Diseases.

Product Details

Benefits Of Black Pepper And Recipes :
Black Pepper Kerala spices grows in India. Black Pepper is commonly known as black gold, has its own space in our kitchen. There are certain foods, especially spices, that are known to be therapeutic in nature. medicinal values besides the many black pepper benefits, making it an important ingredient in Ayurveda. Improves Digestion Prevents Cancer Lowers Blood Pressure Promotes Weight Loss Relieves Cold And Cough Fights Infections Has Antioxidant Benefits Improves Oral Health.
Products Names :
English : Pepper / Black Pepper
Tamil : Milagu / Kurumilagu
Malayalam : Kurumulagu / Kallamulaku
Telugu : Miriyaalu / Miriyala Tige / Savyamu
Kannada : Menasina Kalu / Karimenasu / Ollemenasu / Menasu
Hindi : Kalimirchi / Kada Mari
Bengali : Goal Morich / Kala Morich
Gujarati : Mari / Kadamari / Kalamari / Kalomirich / Golmirich / Kala-Mircha
Konkani : Miriyakonu / Mirsang / Miire / Mirin.


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    John Park
    February 1, 2021
    Everything is perfect. I would recommend!
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