Arugampul Powder | Bermuda Grass | Doob Grass

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  • The potential health benefits to consuming wheatgrass include antioxidants, organ cleansing, breath freshening, digestion support, help with constipation, odor control, energy boosting, and antiseptic properties.
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Arugampul Powder | Bermuda Grass And Doob Grass Online India:

Buy Arugampul Powder Online and its value added products online. The encourages and supply Bermuda Grass ( Doob ) Garike Hullu berbal Powder online retail and whole sale online shop best quality products at lowest price all over India in the online mode.

  • Potent Alkalizer.
  • Detoxifier.
  • Skin Health.
  • Boosts Immunity.
  • Regulates Blood Sugar.
  • Potent Diuretic.
  • Dental Health.
  • Remedies Menstrual Problems.

Product Details

Also, it is highly esteemed and used extensively in Ayurveda and Siddha medicine for more than a thousand years for its impressive medicinal properties.

English : Dog Grass / Bermuda Grass / Dhub Grass
Tamil : Arugampul Powder
Malayalam : Karga Pillu / Arugam Pillu / Durva
Telugu : Gericha Gaddi
Kannada : Garike Hullu / Kudigarike
Hindi : Doob
Bengali : Durbaghas
Gujarati : Durva
Konkani : Kadke Than / Hariyali
Marathi : Harali / Hariyaalee / Gavath.

Health Benefits Of Arugampul/Bermuda Juice:

In India, Bermuda grass is considered a sacred plant, which has great significance in Ayurveda because of its medicinal as well as clinical properties.
Durva grass is rich in calcium, phosphorus, fibre, potassium and protein which bestows a wide range of health benefits. Here are few reasons why this grass is far more healthy than your think -It controls blood sugar levelsThe glycemic potential of durva grass has been proved by many research studies in the recent times.
.It cures skin problemsBeing a potent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent, durva grass is widely used in treatment of various skin problems like itching, skin rashes and eczema.
It purifies bloodDurva grass acts as a natural blood purifier and also helps in maintaining alkalinity of blood.
It boosts heart healthRegular intake of durva grass not only lowers your blood cholesterol level but also improves your cardiac function.




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