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  • This is a kind of rock sugar. It is a crystallised sugar.
  • It is also known as Panang Kalkandu, Palm Sugar Candy and rock candy.
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Palm Candy | Pana Karkandu

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  • Nutrient rich, Low Glycemic Crystalline Sweetener.
  • Good source of Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12.
    Rich in Iron.
  • Palm sugar is “thermogenic” that it takes more energy for the body to burn it. There by it increases metabolism.

Product Details

It is one of the most important things used in Traditional Indian Medicine. It is considered to be of high medicinal value. Palm candy is commonly known as rock candy, panakarkandu in Tamil and mishri in Hindi. In Tamil Nadu, palm sugar usually refers to palmyra palm candy (crystals) as we don’t use coconut palm sugar much as it is a recent introduction whereas we have been using panakarkandu for years. Most palm products contain potassium, nitrogen, phosphorous, iron, and zinc. These minerals boost brain function and bolster the immune system. Here are the benefits of<strong> palm cand.

Benefits of Pana Karkandu or Mishri Herbs:

Bone Health Maintains Body Functioning Rich in Amino Acids Low Glycemic Index Gut Health Rich In Potassium Rich in Anti-oxidant.
Feeling fatigued always?
Get rid of it by adding 1/2 spoon of ghee(clarified butter), palm candy and peanut. Eat this mixture regularly and become active within a few days. Prolonged rheum or cold cough can be cured by eating the mixture of 2 almonds(badam), 1 spoon palm candy and 1/2 spoon black pepper powder. Blend all these into a fine powder and add this to a glass of warm milk and drink this to free yourself from cold cough instantly. Throat constriction/ croup can be cured by eating 1/2 spoon black pepper powder, 1/2 spoon ghee(clarified butter)and 1/2 spoon palm sugar. Consuming a bit of palm sugar, almonds and cumin before bed at night would result in increased memory power and improves eyesight.Palm sugar, almonds and black pepper powder can be mixed together and eaten twice a week to improve immunity in our body. People suffering from kidney stones can eat 2 spoons of onion juice and 1 spoon of palm sugar once a week to get rid of kidney stones permanently. I hope you would have learnt something new about our long-forgotten traditional medicine. Let us learn more and more about our traditional medicines and bring them back to life.




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