Dried Figs | Anjeer | Atti Pazham

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  • Anjeer richness is iron makes it a perfect fruit to treat Anaemia.
  • Taken in the morning with Pippali is helpful for Asthma,
  • Chewing figs strengthens teeth, tongue and gums
  • Anjeer alkalises the body blood and maintains proper ph of blood.
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Dried Figs | Anjeer | Atti Pazham

Buy Anjeer Online shopping for Anjeer (Figs) from Herbs Market.in. Dry fruits online at premium quality lowest prices order Shop now. Shipping all over in India Figs first came to California in 1769, when Father Junipero Serra first planted them in Mission San Diego. They became a commercial crop in 1900, and California is still the only state to grow them commercially. But most of the fruit is dried.


Natural figs are dried in the sun or by machine, threaded on cords or into rings. The glucose which crystallizes out and creates a dull surface with its granules preserves the figs naturally as dried fruit.
Processed figs undergo several operations, i.e. drying, immersion in salt water or steam treatment, pressing and then drying again. Pressing into particular shapes (slabs, rolls) and processing give the figs an attractive, shiny appearance. Figs processed in this way are commercially the most desirable.

Product Details

Glace figs: Virtually all figs can be successfully glaced
Dried figs: Varieties favoured for drying are generally those that have high levels of sugar and usually make good jam too.
Dessert or fresh-eating figs: Those with an agreeable flavour and texture. sometimes good for drying too

English : Fig
Tamil : Atti Pazham
Malayalam : Atti Pazham
Telugu : Athi Pallu / Bodda
Kannada : Anjura / Athi
Hindi : Anjeer / Gular
Bengali : Dumoor / Jajnadumar
Gujarati : Anjeer / Umbaro
Konkani : Anjiira / Rumbad
Marathi : Anjeer / Umbar / Rumbadi
Oriya : Dimiri
Punjabi : Anjeer
Tulu : Athi
Kashmiri : Anjeer.

Health benefits of Dried Figs Anjeer

Figs are called Anjeer in Hindi. Anjeer has such wonderful medicinal benefits with such a high nutritional value. Figs are in season at the moment so this is the best time to eat this wholesome fruit.
Blood pressure – figs are a great source of potassium and are low in sodium which helps prevent high blood pressure (hypertension).
Diabetes – a large amount of potassium found in figs helps regulate blood sugars and fibre helps control the amount of insulin needed to control diabetes.
Promotes digestive health. Figs are often recommended to nourish and tone the intestines, they act as a natural laxative because of their high fibre content. .
Rich in antioxidants.
May support bone health.
May improve diet quality and aid weight management.




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