Edible gum | Badam Pisin | Gond

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  • Tragacanth Gum Herb Boost Vigour In Male.
  • In case of early discharge or night discharge or even involuntary discharge, Gond katira proves to be worthwhile in each case in men.
  • It acts as an effective remedy for weakness and any sexual inadequacy in men.
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Edible gum | Badam Pisin | Gond

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  • Edible gum is water soluble which makes it easy to mix with a range of ingredients. The gum is traditionally been used in remedies to tackle ailments like diarrhea, cough and congestion. Gondh or edible gum has long been used as a binding and a thickening agent by the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Product Details

Edible gum also called as Indian edible gum, ghatti gum is a natural resin got from axle wood tree. It has wonderful medicinal uses and health benefits. I have always been fascinated by herbs and natural resins and gond is no exception.

Botanical Name:

Tamil Badam Pisin
EnglishEdible gum
MalayalamMajakhniram / Bhak
KannadaAntu / Dinduga
Gujarathi Khadya gama.

Benefits of Gondh :

However, it is also used in manufacturing paper, textiles as well as in the cooking industry. Like any other natural resource, Gondh katira has a number of benefits. Here are some of the health and beauty benefits of gondh katira. Gondh katira for treating heat stroke. Gondh katira for treating constipation. Gondh katira as a remedy for urinary incontinence. Gond katira for increasing breast size in women.




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