Kasturi Manjal | Kasthuri Arishina

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  • 100% Pure & Natural Wild Turmeric.
  • Improves skin tone & overall complexion, Works as a bath powders for babies.
  • Gives a blemish free, natural glowing skin.
  • Reduces acne and scars effectively, Slows down the growth of facial hair, reduces pigmentation if used regularly.
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Kasturi Manjal | Kasthuri Arishina

Buy Dried Kasturi Online and its value added products online. The herbsmarket.in encourages and supply best quality products Manjal at lowest price all over India in the online mode. Pure Dried Kasturi Turmeric and it could be powdered at home. It is the second most popular curcuma species next to common turmeric and is widely found all over India.


Kasthuri Manjal Medicinal Uses:
Antitussive Properties (relieves cough).
Antioxidant Properties.
Mosquito Repellent Properties.
Anti Cancer & Anti Tumor Properties.
Kidney Protective Properties.
Wound Healing Properties.
Anti Inflammatory Properties.
Antimelanogenic Properties.

Product Details

Sanskrit : Aranya Haridra, Vanahaladi                                                                                                                      EnglishTurmeric
Tamil : Kasturi Manjal, கஸ்தூரி மஞ்சள்                                                                                                                              Malayalam : Kasturi Manjal, മഞ്ഞൾ
Telugu : Pasupu, పసుపు
Kannada : Kasthuri Arishina, Kasturi Arishina, Amba Haldi
Hindi : Haldi / Hardhar, हल्दी 
Bengali : Halud / Pitras
Gujarati : Hardhar / Haldi / Halad
Konkani : Haledi / Halad
Marathi : Halad / Haladi
Oriya : Haladi / Haldil
Punjabi : Haldar / Haldi
Tulu : Kasturi Manjal,
Kashmiri : Lader
Urudu : Haladi.

Kasturi Manjal (Wild Turmeric) Health Benefits

Pure Dried Kasturi Turmeric skin improves skin tone and the overall complexion.
It can be beneficial in treating skin ailments including eczema.
It helps to reduce acne and its scars, giving a blemish free, glowing skin.
It can help to heal skin infections and insect bites.
It helps to slow down facial hair growth.




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