Serankottai | Marking Nut

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  • Bhallaataka or Bhallata is Ayurvedic name of medicinal tree Semecarpus anacardium.
  • In India, it is found in Punjab, Assam, Khasi Hills, Madhya Pradesh and Peninsular India.
  • It is a moderate-sized deciduous tree that grow in dry or moist deciduous forests.
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Serankottai | Marking Nut

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Serankottai nei is a popular Siddha drug, used in the treatment of lung infections including tuberculosis, autoimmune joint diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative osteoarthritis), cancers and neurological pain.

Product Details

Semecarpus anacardium was called the “marking nut” by Europeans because it was used by washermen to mark cloth and clothing before washing, as it imparted a water insoluble mark to the cloth. The specific epithet anacardium (“up-heart”) was used by apothecaries in the 16th century to refer to the plant’s fruit.

Common name : Marking nut, Geeru veej, Dhobi nut tree, Indian nut tree
Sanskrit name : Angika, Agnimukh, Anala, Bhallataka, Arushkara
Hindi name : Belatak, Bela, Bhilava
Marathi name : Bhillava, Bhallataka, Bibba, Bibbu
Tamil name : Kalakam, Kavaka , Senkotai
Malayalam name : Alakcueer, Thennukota
Telugu name : Bhallatamu
Kannada name : Geru, Ger-kayi
Oriya name : Bhollataki
Urdu name : Baladur, Bhilavan
Gujarati name : Bhilama
Arabian name : Habvul kab
French name : Anacardier D’orient
Nepali name : Bhilai
Spanish name : Anacardo.

Health Benefits of Marking Nut

Medicinal value and Health Benefit of these nutritional seeds. It possesses medicinal properties like potent anti-inflammatory, anti-atherogenic, anti-carcinogenic, anti-microbial, antioxidant, anti-reproductive properties.

  • Prevent premature graying of hair.
  • Good aphrodisiac.
  • Urinary incontinence.
  • Digestive health.
  • Leucoderma.
  • Diabetes.



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